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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Yesterday I drank my first coffee.

It was surprisingly nice considering I hate coffee (:S)

Perhaps it was just because it was consumed in Central Perk Café.

Who knows. All I know now is that I want another one ¬¬

Moving on from that, yesterday was a good day :D

Traversing to Ealing Broadway to meet Paula and Nadia and then traversing to East Acton to meet Shell and then traversing to Oxford Circus to queue up to get into Central Perk Café (this took three hours).

Meeting Lounisse, Sean and Hannah in the queue about 5 minutes after we got there and then meeting Drilon about an hour after we got there.

Chris eventually found his way to us two hours later, followed by Andy.

High fives go out to the woman that baited out the two queue jumpers LOL!

Chinese was nice afterwards but I really didn't want it =[

Thank you to Paula for buying my travelcard yesterday but I feel bad for that (it costs £6.30!).

Thank you to Lounisse and Chris for buying the Shredded Chicken Noodles that I really didn't want them to buy for me because I would also feel very bad for that...

People spent £11.70 on me yesterday ¬¬

I also got to see Danielle and Chris afterwards on the way home. We watched Lord of the Rings/The X Factor/You, Me & Dupree/The Boondocks.

Speaking of Chris, one of my packages has arrived but I'm not sure which one because they left that goddamn red note saying that they couldn't deliver it =[

Early start on Monday so I can collect it from the Post Office then.

This has been a very long post I know, but I feel as if yesterday necessitated it as it was (as I predicted) a good day.

Finally I leave you with the usual "song-I'm-listening-to-at-the-moment".

Smashing Pumpkins are such a dream of a band...

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