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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Yeah, hi.

Got thoughts on a little project I want to do but then I realise I don't have the right equipment or place to do it. I'm sure no one in my family would let me so I guess that's another one for the "wait til I leave" list.

Trickbook since I've not posted in a while is pretty small:
FS Tailslide
FS Tailslide to Fakie
Nose Manual

Going to record my latest song hopefully next week. Then I'll write four more and make it a digital release to anyone who's interested. Will send it off to Candyrat Records to see if they enjoy it and hopefully try to send it to Andy McKee (in CD Format with a cover etc), Antoine Dufour (still thinking about that), Tony Haven (gonna ask if I can support him on a future London date if he likes the EP) and finally send it to Brighton and Guildford as substance material to hopefully increase my chances of getting in to their Academies.

But first I have to get my guitar fixed before I can do any of that... And buy a new capo...

Also will be writing music with the amazingly talented singer in my music class, Rachel. Her voice is actually just beautiful, you've never heard something like that. First time I heard her singing it was through the wall so I couldn't see her, I thought she was singing into a microphone because it sounded so clear but, that was her natural voice so I was amazed. Anyway, I asked her if she would like to write some songs together and so at the moment we're in the research stag of finding similar tastes and learning a few cover song. After all of this is done we'll be writing our own and hopefully be doing some gigging and recording.

I'd like that.

I need somebody to create a cover for my acoustic EP in the meantime though.. Yikes :/