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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Should I stay or should I go?

Three days until P-Rod's Battle Commander video! Its gonna be amazinggggg.

Is it bad that I actually searched online for Monster Energy in bulk? That drink could actually kill me...

Friday, 15 October 2010


Been skating soo much lately. Its really good for me and its building muscles on my abdomen like heck.

Still trying to get over the stairsets hurdle but, I'm trying so I know I'll eventually be able to beat them.

Been getting paid lately. I enjoy handling money. It makes me feel slightly more important.

Work is still real fun, I had my first Hepatitis A&B jab yesterday. I was waiting for the nurse to stab me with the needle without realising she had already injected me. I guess I still have no feelings. Next vaccination is in a month and my final one in six months.

My psychology teacher is still a bit concerned about me, she asked one of my friends about me the other day and whether I was planning on staying or leaving. I want to leave, but I don't know how.

Well, that's stupid, I know how, but I don't know umm... I can't explain it. Maybe you already understand?

So two nights ago this group of three guys in their twenties tried to mug me and my fourteen year old friend, Paul. They failed it rawtime.

"Oi, you got a pound?"
"No I left my wallet at home." (I actually did)
"Do you know the time then?"
"Yeah its like 9.15." (I checked before we left the house)
"Check then innit."
"I just told you its 9.15 and that's it"
*starts walking off*
"Oi where you going blad?"
"Stop following us seriously."
"Don't get rude innit, stop rushing bruv I'm talking to you."
"No, just get lost."

etc etc, it ended up with them running away empty handed.


Buying this hat. Yum yum, look at those colours :)

Plus I'll be getting my BATBOX shoes eventually. Greg Custer, an amazing man who works at The Berrics Canteen, has spoken to Steve Berra (the owner of The Berrics Skatepark) about selling me some of the final pairs of BATBOX shoes which were unable to be shipped to Berrics Unified Skateshops in America due to an accident at the warehouse.

Still its pretty great of them, it'll mean I'll probably (probably!) be the only guy in London, maybe even England, maybe even the UK, maybe even Europe (maybe!) to own these shoes.

Yay :)

Been skating to this song lately. Its so jammy and upbeat and its just, well, its a really good mix.


Friday, 8 October 2010

I'm so depressed that it's not even funny. I don't think there is a feeling more dangerous than depression. There aren't many feelings that can lead to so many consequences as much as depression.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

After much deliberation.

I've decided to open a Twitter account, just to give it a try. Also I just like the idea of staying connected to my idols. I can't really do that with Facebook so, Twitter gets the 1-up in that respect.

If ya wanna Twitter me then hit me up @ArrigoVerde.

Psyched for work tomorrow, not psyched for college the following day.

Numerous things need paying for right now, but my personal wishlist is as follows;

Yeah its a lot, but my wardrobe is drying up a bit.

Watching Street League finals is super inspiring, take Nyjah Huston for example, he's 15 and he won the first Street League contest, placed 3rd in the 2nd and 3rd and became the overall champion of the season. Incredible.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ouch man.

Attempted a Regular FS 360.

That slam hurt haha. I keep falling on the same arm so it's getting nailed pretty bad. Ah well, it's all part of practice and learning. One thing I am happy about is;

a) I aired the manhole today (sounds lame but, for me, great success)
b) I'm pretty fast at pushing in Regular. Now all I gotta work out is how the fuck switch works :D

So today at college my psychology teacher realised I'm pretty miserable and asked me why I am and why I'm not working and what is going on in my life. I just told her the truth. I'm not working because I have no motivation to do so and I also don't have any time to work because I'm spending every night trying to have fun and feel good because I feel miserable. I feel miserable because I'm going to college without actually knowing why or actually feeling like I belong and every time I wake up in the morning to go to college I instantly start in a bad mood and feel immensely depressed. It's a horrible way to live right now and I really want to leave.

My teacher agreed that probably the best thing for me to do is to leave college because she can't stand to see me so miserable and, even though she says she wants me to stay and learn, she feels like she's killing me with her classes.

It's kinda true but it's not her fault.

I love my psychology teacher, she's so lovely and kind to me.. She always notices when something is wrong.

So I guess all I need to find out now is whether I can work at The House of Living Art full-time or not. If I can then.. I'm gonna be a college dropout.


Monday, 4 October 2010

Trickbook addition.

Landed 3 or 4 BS 180's plus a couple more Switch FS 180's. Pretty pleased :)

Bailed a few times though. But I didn't let it hurt my confidence and I kept on rolling. I really need to learn how to push switch stance though or it's really gonna kill my 180/540 game.

Hurt my left bollock but I don't know how :/

I might go talk to Paul Higginson tomorrow :/ I'm seriously considering dropping out. I just can't cope with being at college.. I need to do things to make me happy and college is just sending me further and further into a dangerous depression and I seriously cannot deal with that crap. I've got a great job and I'm doing my best to be happy and do fun things to keep happy. So it really bums me out when 4 days of college can just kill all of that, y'know?

We'll see.


Remember me?

Not gonna go into detail of why I haven't bothered to post since the world cup.

Nor can I be bothered to go into detail of what has happened since the world cup.

Lets just say blink-182 were beyond perfect and leave it at that.

As I'm typing this I just burnt my tongue on a cup of coffee, I hate doing that because it ruins the flavor of the rest of the drink.

So yesterday I was trying out the new streetboard I bought, its a Highland Cartel 56 fitted with Dimension SoftCore bindings for the immense minority of people who care. As its an extremely heavy board, its pretty difficult to push it around and also to leave the floor. Nevertheless I stuck a few Regular/Switch FS 180's which satisfied me for the night.

This morning I logged onto The Berrics and finally (yes, finally!) they put up the championship battle between Paul Rodriguez and PJ Ladd. It was pretty intense and for over half the battle I was wondering why P-Rod wasn't performing well, but then PJ made the mistake that cost him the game and Paul eventually finished him off with a crispy-ass Ollie Late Kickflip. I was pretty happy with this as I wanted PJ to lose big time, wasn't the spectacular annihilation I had hoped for but P-Rod definitely earned that trophy.

I got myself a job at a tattoo parlour. Overly happy about that because every Thursday is like, the best day of my week now. Totally blows college out of the water. Working people don't get how lucky they have it, college is for the real suckers man.

But that job will really help me build funds for the LA trip next summer that me and my homie Paul are going on. We're gonna hit LA for two weeks at the end of July to see X Games 17 and also explore the city of Los Angeles. Maybe we'll get lucky and be let into the Fantasy Factory or even The Berrics (maybe?). That'd be a dream come true.

Heck I'd even be more than happy just to shake hands with these two men;
Eric Koston

Rob Dyrdek

Now that really would be cool.

But first thing's first I gotta make like $3000 to get there in the first place.