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Monday, 4 October 2010

Trickbook addition.

Landed 3 or 4 BS 180's plus a couple more Switch FS 180's. Pretty pleased :)

Bailed a few times though. But I didn't let it hurt my confidence and I kept on rolling. I really need to learn how to push switch stance though or it's really gonna kill my 180/540 game.

Hurt my left bollock but I don't know how :/

I might go talk to Paul Higginson tomorrow :/ I'm seriously considering dropping out. I just can't cope with being at college.. I need to do things to make me happy and college is just sending me further and further into a dangerous depression and I seriously cannot deal with that crap. I've got a great job and I'm doing my best to be happy and do fun things to keep happy. So it really bums me out when 4 days of college can just kill all of that, y'know?

We'll see.


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