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Monday, 4 October 2010

Remember me?

Not gonna go into detail of why I haven't bothered to post since the world cup.

Nor can I be bothered to go into detail of what has happened since the world cup.

Lets just say blink-182 were beyond perfect and leave it at that.

As I'm typing this I just burnt my tongue on a cup of coffee, I hate doing that because it ruins the flavor of the rest of the drink.

So yesterday I was trying out the new streetboard I bought, its a Highland Cartel 56 fitted with Dimension SoftCore bindings for the immense minority of people who care. As its an extremely heavy board, its pretty difficult to push it around and also to leave the floor. Nevertheless I stuck a few Regular/Switch FS 180's which satisfied me for the night.

This morning I logged onto The Berrics and finally (yes, finally!) they put up the championship battle between Paul Rodriguez and PJ Ladd. It was pretty intense and for over half the battle I was wondering why P-Rod wasn't performing well, but then PJ made the mistake that cost him the game and Paul eventually finished him off with a crispy-ass Ollie Late Kickflip. I was pretty happy with this as I wanted PJ to lose big time, wasn't the spectacular annihilation I had hoped for but P-Rod definitely earned that trophy.

I got myself a job at a tattoo parlour. Overly happy about that because every Thursday is like, the best day of my week now. Totally blows college out of the water. Working people don't get how lucky they have it, college is for the real suckers man.

But that job will really help me build funds for the LA trip next summer that me and my homie Paul are going on. We're gonna hit LA for two weeks at the end of July to see X Games 17 and also explore the city of Los Angeles. Maybe we'll get lucky and be let into the Fantasy Factory or even The Berrics (maybe?). That'd be a dream come true.

Heck I'd even be more than happy just to shake hands with these two men;
Eric Koston

Rob Dyrdek

Now that really would be cool.

But first thing's first I gotta make like $3000 to get there in the first place.


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