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Friday, 15 October 2010


Been skating soo much lately. Its really good for me and its building muscles on my abdomen like heck.

Still trying to get over the stairsets hurdle but, I'm trying so I know I'll eventually be able to beat them.

Been getting paid lately. I enjoy handling money. It makes me feel slightly more important.

Work is still real fun, I had my first Hepatitis A&B jab yesterday. I was waiting for the nurse to stab me with the needle without realising she had already injected me. I guess I still have no feelings. Next vaccination is in a month and my final one in six months.

My psychology teacher is still a bit concerned about me, she asked one of my friends about me the other day and whether I was planning on staying or leaving. I want to leave, but I don't know how.

Well, that's stupid, I know how, but I don't know umm... I can't explain it. Maybe you already understand?

So two nights ago this group of three guys in their twenties tried to mug me and my fourteen year old friend, Paul. They failed it rawtime.

"Oi, you got a pound?"
"No I left my wallet at home." (I actually did)
"Do you know the time then?"
"Yeah its like 9.15." (I checked before we left the house)
"Check then innit."
"I just told you its 9.15 and that's it"
*starts walking off*
"Oi where you going blad?"
"Stop following us seriously."
"Don't get rude innit, stop rushing bruv I'm talking to you."
"No, just get lost."

etc etc, it ended up with them running away empty handed.


Buying this hat. Yum yum, look at those colours :)

Plus I'll be getting my BATBOX shoes eventually. Greg Custer, an amazing man who works at The Berrics Canteen, has spoken to Steve Berra (the owner of The Berrics Skatepark) about selling me some of the final pairs of BATBOX shoes which were unable to be shipped to Berrics Unified Skateshops in America due to an accident at the warehouse.

Still its pretty great of them, it'll mean I'll probably (probably!) be the only guy in London, maybe even England, maybe even the UK, maybe even Europe (maybe!) to own these shoes.

Yay :)

Been skating to this song lately. Its so jammy and upbeat and its just, well, its a really good mix.



  1. oh HELLOO
    can't believe I haven't read your blog in so long! I just assumed you gave up on blogging :)
    Anyway- I just checked out the clothes in your previously post, and thought, omg those are literally Henny clothesss.
    Though my fav is the black jumper with te colourful stripes!!
    Would clash with this hat though. Ha!
    And I know whta you mean about the not knowing how to leave school - the answer I think is to just persevere (cvan't spell that - i know, awful)
    AND what else did I read?!
    Can't remember now.
    Oh but I've been in that mugging situation before - I nearly cried. Though I was saved because I didn't know what the guy meant when he used a different 'G' term for 'pound,' and he decided to laugh at me instead.
    Woah this is a long comment but it was a long post to read.
    Sadly, I don't like your good mix tune choice :)

  2. Haha, well, I did, but I've gotten back into it lately :)

    And c'mon, I clash quite a lot, I don't exactly have a sense of dress, just so long as the individual clothes look good, I'll wear them ;)

    Aww poor Nat! Yeah these guys were just sad, they failed it so badly.

    I wish you would like the music but hey, can't please everyone x]

    Tarrah <3 xxx