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Wednesday, 3 November 2010


So I was just out on the streets for like two hours (instead of hitting college) re-learning to push on a skateboard.

The stupid part is, I'm regular footed on a streetboard (left foot in front) but on a skateboard, I'm goofy footed (right foot in front).

This makes no sense at all and shouldn't really be happening haha.

I do suppose it'll help my switch stance game though on skateboard which is always a big big big bonus. To be any good at skateboarding, you need to get switch stance on lock.

If you don't understand what switch stance is, its basically where you ride opposite to what stance you normally push.

For instance, switch stance for a regular pusher would be goofy and vice versa.

As Rob Dyrdek puts it, doing a trick in switch is like throwing a curve ball with your weak hand, its way harder.

But for me, it shouldn't be a problem ;}

I wrote a new song, and I love it, I'm actually proud of it, like, for real!

It makes me feel like, playing guitar is worth it, and the sounds I can produce make it all feel worthwhile. I'm really pleased with this song, I'll record it soon and post it I promise.