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Thursday, 1 October 2009


My knuckle implant is bruised and this really worries me =/

An increased amoont of build-up of blood cells may lead to my body trying to force it out as if it was on obstruction and/or cause to the bruise. Which I am very worried about...

Its sort of stiff and its red around the area and it hurts a bit when I move my index and middle fingers.

Lets hope it passes.

On a happier note. My shipment of jewellery and dermal biopsy punch has been dispatched from Thailand today :D Just waiting on the bulk cannula needles to be dispatched and I'll be a happy bunny.

Also, Chris Eibich's computer screen is fucking huge O_O it puts mine to shame...

I had a nice day today really. Although I really shouldn't have (for some unknown reason). Still no "Wispa moments" to report, although I expect there will be some coming soon (:

On a final note, I think Nadia's hair looks lovely and Paula should get a cookie for that ^^ (or a Wispa?)

That is all on the day which is the 1st October 2009.

AH just reminded myself to say, fuck TfL and its ridiculously high priced fares for the tube and bus. It cost me over £8 just to get to college and back again today. On the plus side, I realised that it is possible for me to take the bus ALL the way to college so that, when my new Oyster card arrives, I can get free travel :D

On the negative side of that, it will take me approximately twice the amount of time it would otherwise take me to get to college. Which means that on some days I will need to leave the house at quarter past seven.


I'm done. Tarrah (until I get bored enough to say something once again) (L)

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