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Saturday, 31 October 2009

A blog post concerning Victoria Kathleen Cheung Wai Yi.

On this day that is the 31st of October we marks numerous occasions. All Soul's Day, Hallowe'en, El Día de los Muertos. But of course there's something just that tiny bit more special than those three dark and dismal celebrations of the cheerful subject of death.

Today marks the 17th birthday of Viki, a new friend of mine that I met through college. Although mischievous, she's a wise person who I can tell has a very caring heart. I'm awfully glad I did meet her because she's one of the people that has that ever-so-necessary ability to make you smile and laugh through your worst days. She's a beautiful person in every aspect that I know of her and so I'm sure that our friendship will extend beyond college (here's hoping at least, cock jokes are what's keeping me from going insane due to mechanic's).

So, Happy Birthday Viki, I hope you have a lovely day and also that the Geisha outfit doesn't go to waste as you'd look fantastic as one. xxx

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  1. henny i kind of love you a lot. you get one use of my full name and you will never mention it again, k? :D and i haven't been referred to as mischievous in years and it makes me smile :) and i know you love my cock jokes a lot. i'll tell you some if i see you later, you lone wolf you.