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Friday, 16 October 2009

Meanwhile, back in the real world.

You know its been a sick gig when you're so tired from 3 hours straight of moshing and skanking that you can't be bothered to show up for your college talent show.

I had a lovely time with Jamie today drinking apple ciders and just chatting about life. He's such a genuine guy, I love him so much :)

This is the anthem I'm hooked on at the moment by the ridiculously epic Sonic Boom Six.

Don't blame me if you feel the need to skank, its quite common.

In addition, I'd like to express my total glee in being in the same corner shop as Adam from The Apostates last night talking about how I've wanted to catch them live for over a year now, then also about pot noodles (the green ones, obviously). Fucking cool guy.

On a seperate note, I've honestly not got much left in me in terms of restraint. I'm awfully worried...

Lets see how this plays out then.

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