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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Things I love.

I love seeing people in the morning when they look all tired and rough.

I love when people are so cold that they just steal hugs from me.

I love being able to see my own breath.

I love seeing people's eyes change colour in the sunlight.

I love when someone has an itchy nose and they scrunch their face up.

I love seeing someone smile at something in their head.

I love listening to my iPod with people.

I love when people ask for my help.

I love when I see parents doting on their babies.

I love hearing people laugh but not being able to stop.

I love waking up knowing I get to see my friends in a few hours.

I love being away from home.

I love holding hands with someone and it just feels right.

I love the moment just before your lips touch where your bodies just fit like a jigsaw.

I love the smell of clean hair.

I love the days where you feel so cosy you can't be bothered for anything so you just curl up.

I love when you feel appreciated.

I love seeing girls who try to hide themselves when they really don't need to.

I love hearing music that makes me cry.

I love helping people achieve a look.

I love being able to listen to a piece of music and feeling proud enough to say, "I wrote that."

I love getting on a bus with no people on it.

I love sleeping on trains.

I love when friends try to make you feel better even though its probably not worth trying.

I love going to bed wondering how on earth tomorrow could be better than today.

I love feeling warm because of someone else.

I love going to festivals.

I love creative people and being creative.

I love reading horoscopes and getting excited over them.

I love giving clothes to people to keep them warm even though I might not get them back.

I love knowing that all of these wouldn't amount to you though.

And that's what matters most at the moment.

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