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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Nine random things about me.

1. I eat my food categorically. I start with vegetables, then move onto starchy foods such as potato or pasta. Then I eat the meat. There are exceptions. For example, Corn on the cob is always eaten last, as are Yorkshire puddings. Also if the food is all mixed together like Paella, then I just eat all of it.

2. The last time I really smiled was this morning on the bus. I got a text that made me feel warm.

3. My baseball team is the New York Mets. Shea Stadium is legendary.

4. I've never felt proud of myself. I haven't had a good enough reason to be proud of myself.

5. I don't think there's a greater feeling than feeling someone else's cold cheek pressed against your own and you can feel the heat being shared.

6. I have a scar on my forehead. I don't remember how I got it but its been there for years. And no, its not shaped like a lightning bolt.

7. Self-harm is ever so tragic but, exceptionally effective. I do not recommend you try it because it is extremely addictive. You might think I'm insane for thinking this, but, I already know I am.

8. When I'm upset I hook my finger through my left earlobe and stroke my ear lobe with my thumb. Its my comfort mechanism.

9. I could stare into your eyes forever. They're impossibly beautiful and I wish I could stay up with you for hours just to get to look at them for even longer.

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