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Saturday, 6 March 2010


For nothing.

I feel so lost in myself. I'm struggling to search for an identity. I keep asking whether I really need one though. Do I? Would it not be easier to just live as a blank. You can't get questioned if there's never anything to ask about you.

No that's just stupid, its impossible to be nothing. Nothing is the absence of something, therefore, for there to be nothing, there must be something.

Well then, what is my identity? I can't find it, nor can I choose one, it just, exists without you really having a say in it.

So then why do I feel as if I don't have one? I'm so lost.


  1. new layout confused me there for a second. i suppose that who you are changes so quickly that it might seem like there isn't a concrete you. i feel like this sometimes. and then i suppose something happens or i do something that reminds me distinctly of myself. i don't know. i ramble.

    also, i like that there is a pinkie reaction. and i wanted to get AA socks and now if i do, i will have to make sure we're not wearing them at the same time.

  2. Mm, I get what you mean. I can't tell if it applies to me or not because even if I am reminded of like, the "real me", I wouldn't even know if it was the "real me" because it'd feel just as short as all the other ones. Hmm, I guess I'll keep pondering.

    Yes I put that in especially for you :3

    Get them! They're soo soo awesome ^^ I'm wearing mine right now :}

  3. ponder away and eventually realization comes along. sometimes like a brick to the face.

    :) *pinkie* after i get paid today i might baii somee. i should get a debit card because echeques = getting on my nerves.

  4. Hmm, I don't know if that'll help or hinder me, sometimes a shock can sort your life out and other times it'll just paralyse you.

    Yeah I need a card too, I hate having to rely on others to buy things from the internet for me =/ that or having to actually trek to stores to buy things. I love shopping, but if its like, super-trek for one item then I am le sad =[

  5. hopefully it'll help instead of hinder. because hindering is poo.

    i just hate carrying loads of bags around on public transport. so it's either a card or a visa electron. i'm going with the card - it's the cheaper option.

    NONONO you are not le sad.


  6. We'll see.

    Yeah I always bring a backpack when I'm shopping, its a godsend.

    I am le both really. Need a nap.