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Thursday, 18 March 2010


Virtue is lost.

                                         Does it make you feel beautiful?

         This is life.                                                                    This apathy is worthless.


    And are we so worthless?          
                                                                                We're burning for revenge.
                                                             Dying from the inside.
                                                                                                      My heart I left with my promise to return.

                                  See it in my eyes how much it means.

To a heart that's beat has long since given out and given in.

                              Bury me five thousands fathoms deep.

                      There's blood in the water.
                                                                                 Burn all you love.
             No heart, no hope.
                                                                                                                         Now, taste the fear.

                 There is nothing I would not give.

                                               Humanity can sink.

                               Convulsions constrict your body into a portrait of agony.



  1. Are these lyrics? Because this is beautiful.

  2. They're loads of random lyrics I've stitched together. Didn't know you blogged :) xx

  3. Well, it's pretty :)
    Oh, and i used to blog, but i deleted it all.
    Sad, sad times!

  4. Thank you :}

    Ah that's awful, you silly thing x] what possessed you to do that! xx