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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Men's Halfpipe Final

I've been waiting all night for this :D

I'm so sad and excited that I'm gonna post scores up here...

Oh, maximum score is 50 by the way, 5 judges who can score up to 10 points each x]

Run 1

Justin Lamoureux - 33.8

Markku Koski - 36.4

Mathieu Crepet - 25.9

Scott Lago - 42.8

Gregory Bretz - 18.3 BAILED

Markus Malin - 16.7 BAILED

Iouri Podladtchikov - 42.4

Louie Vito - 39.1

Kazuhiro Kokubo - 30.5 BAILED

Ryo Aono - 32.9

Peetu Piiroinen - 40.8

Shaun White - 46.8

Holy crappppp... Shaun White had an insane run O.o lets see if he can stick it for the second one haha :D

Run 2

Markus Malin - 18.6 BAILED (again, lol.)

Gregory Bretz - 13.0 BAILED (again, more lol.)

Mathieu Crepet - 8.7 BAILED

Kazuhiro Kokubo - 35.7

Ryo Aono - 29.1 BAILED

Justin Lamoureux - 35.9

Markku Koski - 25.0

Louie Vito - 39.4

Peetu Piiroinen - 45.0

Iouri Podladtchikov - 17.6 BAILED

Scott Lago - 17.5 BAILED

Shaun White - 48.4


Shaun White - Gold Medal (48.4)

Peetu Piiroinen - Silver Medal (45.0)

Scott Lago - Bronze Medal (42.8)


I'm fucking going to bed man I'm tired from that final LOL.

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