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Saturday, 20 February 2010

I'm gonna be rollin' in the Benjamins.

Plenty of meat to pierce in the upcoming months. Equates to plenty of dough for me. Equates to some fresh duds and gig tickets for sure.


Oh plus those pills.


  1. you're such a cool kid.
    plenty of meat makes me think of whorehouses.
    le jewellery arrived yet?

  2. Mm, nothing like a burger with a side order of STDs.

    Yes it has arrived, its so beautiful there's so much LOL :D xx

  3. omg yaaaay :)
    btw my friend would like a lobe piercing.
    and i love that there is a hoodie for shut up woman get on my horse.

  4. Awesome, its £10 for lobe.

    And nah, I had to custom make it in one of those online custom shops lol.

    Crabs <3