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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Well, here it is.

"Hi yes thats great sorry haven been able to call you as we are quite busy today. the only worry i have is the health and safety stuff as your are under 18. i think we cud def arrange sumthin part time and mayb more in vacation. I wil get an email together :)"

"Ok good to hear from you :) if it made it any better i could arrange to take a course and get a certificate for first aid and blood borne pathogens. Speak to you soon :)"

"I was kind of thinkin startin with some reception work to train you about the studio consent forms etc. sterilisation before moving on to actual piercing. we would need to train you to do the stuff you haven done also. if that sounds ok."

"Yeah that sounds cool. How long would that process take roughly?"

"That kind of depends on how fast you learn. usually we teach people from scratch but you already have some experience which is good. the only issue i have is your age as i would need to find out how health and safety law would be as you are under 18."

"I usually find i'm a quick learner and it doesn't take much to give me the push but we'll see how that goes. Yeah i understand, i hope it isn't a problem haha that would suck."

"Yeah to be honest the rules can be different for minors so i need to check them out."

"I had a little look at the legislation regarding under 18s and seems to be its fine so long as a risk assessment has been made with regards to the employee. That would sound fine to me i'm not sure if that'd be a problem i mean, I've had jobs as a steward before and had risk assessments run and everything passed just fine."

"Yeah i have no experience of under 18s or risk assesment as i only normally interview 18 plus due 2 nature of the business"

"Yeah i can understand. Umm, so where would we go from here?"

"Well i just have to look into it more"

"Ok then. Well thanks for getting back to me when you're busy and I'll hopefully hear from you soon :)"

I don't know if that's good or bad =/

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